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'Any of Us' film

"Any of Us… because it really can be" – that's the message of a powerful new fostering film, that anyone can foster a child or young person if they have the capacity to care.

Any Of Us is the sixth film produced by a growing partnership of councils and children’s trusts to promote local authority fostering. The Any of Us project is the largest public sector fostering film collaboration yet, with over 80 participants from Northumberland to Brighton and Liverpool to Kent. The film has been produced by Reel TwentyFive and project managed by CAN Digital/Rachel Brown.

Any of Us looks at three very different people who all show some of the attributes needed to be a foster parent in incidents from their daily lives – Ayesha going to the aid of a pedestrian after a minor road accident, Neil calming down an aggressive situation in a snooker club and Marsha identifying a young person showing signs of distress and intervening with them at school.

Different individuals in very different scenarios, but each in their own way showing the caring instinct that is fundamental to being a foster parent.

The film develops so that it becomes clear that one of these three everyday people will become the foster parent to Chloe. But which one of the three will be the one to make the difference? The main character’s stories are all interwoven with Chloe’s, following her journey into fostering.